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It doesnt matter what the reason is your looking for therapy, Each person handles stress diiferently. Accumulation of stress has negative consequences on the body. For some stress can trigger headaches neak aches and tension and for others it can play havoc with chronic conditions that never seem to go away. So until you are able to get regular massages and alter the way your body handles stress these challanges will be apart of ones daily life. The effects on the human body are very real. all of the systems of the body are effected. Listed below are just a few of the systems and how stress can play havoc on them:


Nervous System - Fight and flight crisis system, adrenal gland exhaustion, high blood pressure, physical and psychological exhaustion.


Musculoskeletal System - Stress causes muscles to tense up.


Cardiovascular Sysytem - Changes in heart pattern and rythym. Repeated episodes of stress on the heart can cause negative long term effects.



The Massage Hour  will customize the best massage program to help reduce stress on your body. Dont wait any longer to be in pain or to be suffering when  a massage can truly make a diference.



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